About Us

Harbinger Designs, a bijou elite clan that designs for every woman who refuses to get old. Our team creates avant-garde designs that sings spellbinding songs of colours, images and silhouettes. Our honest designs tell the stories of our love for work and reliable relationships with all associated.

Harbinger Designs is a start-up retail women’s clothing brand specializing in unique clothing in western, fusion and Indian styles where sky is the limit for cuts, colours and materials. The brand will serve both young and adult women with unique sense of style.

The inspiration behind the name Harbinger Designs is its meaning, which is ‘a forerunner’. A brand which is an indication of style and fashion coming up next.

Our Mission & Vision

To become the most reliable and competent in industry by providing quality service to customers and building long term relationships. The impetus to sincere and hard work is not to grow only within India but internationally in future.